About Otis Silver


Hailing from Oshawa, Ontario Otis Silver is a Canadian born artist that aims to diversify music and create a unique and memorable sound that captivates the ears and hearts of listeners of any genre or generation. Otis has been able to carry out performances that have entertained and captivated the attention of viewers all over southern Ontario with smooth melodies and high energy and Otis has only just begun. Otis has already collaborated with many artists within the Durham Region, the Toronto area, and Nothern Ontario with more great music on the way.


Other artists featured in his music to date include:

Myles Million (Vocals and production) / Damian Ryan (Vocals) 
Mr. SecretSauce (Vocals and production) / Presidris (Vocals)
Pierce (Vocals)  / dusanii (Production) / Waiko (Vocals)
HellaBeats (Production) / BaByBoiRasz (Vocals) / Kidocean (Production) 


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Otis Silver

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